2015 Indoor Season Highlights


2015 Colgate Finalists

Meet the Elite Colgate Fianlists for 2015.

Finalists:  Mameeyah Nyinah, Ajanae Thompson, Nyjah Young-Bey, Nhaya Lopez, Felicia Quainoo, Kaylah Davis

Coaches:  Rick Hernandez, Yvette Turner, Erich Davis, Samira Thompson




Elite Takes 6th Place at the 2015 Needham Invitational

The Elite team takes on 36 teams at the Needham Invitational in Boston, MA and finished with 6th place team title powered by several members who were double and triple medal winners for the meet.  Read all about the meet at the Needham Invitational Info Site and view the Full Results.


Congratulations to the 2015 Colgate Women's Games Finalists

Elite achieved its greatest annual representation at the Colgate Women's Games in their 10 year history, with 7 athletes qualifying for the 2015 Colgate Finals, to be held at the New Balance Armory on February 7th.  On display at the qualifying Semi-Finals were great feats of speed and strength by all of the athletes highlighted by the following performances:

  • Nyjah Young-Bey, whom has overpowered her competition all year, winning the 400m and holding a commanding lead for the top position going into the Finals.
  • Maameyaa Nyinah, with a solid 1st place finish in the 800m and also holding a commanding 1st place position overall.
  • Sierra Colvin, taking the 200m event by storm by finishing 2nd in the semi's and climbing to a 4th place position in the series.
  • Ajanae Thompson, finishing 4th in the 55m Hurdles and maintaining a 5th place position in the event.
  • Nhaya Lopez, who continues to establish her name with the elite hurdles, finished 3rd in the 55m Hurdles and climbs into 3rd place going into the finals.
  • Kaylah Davis, putting up a strong fight to finish 6th in the 800m and maintain a hold on 6th place overall.
  • Felicia Quainoo with a strong race in the very competitive 400m event finishing 6th in the semis however maintaining 3rd place position going into the Finals.

Congratulations goes out to all of our Elite finalists for their outstanding performances during the Colgate Series.  On to the Finals!!!

2015 USATF Athlete of the Year Awards

The tradition of excellence within  the Elite program continues to be recognized by the USATF Track & Field Association with their selection of two athletes for Athlete of the Year honors.  Nyjah Young-Bey , a two time award winner, received her award for the top Middle Distance athlete for the 13-14 year age group.  Nyjah had outstanding performances this year in the 800 meters achieving a personal best time of 2:15a swell as a torrid time of 55 seconds in the 400 meters.  Also achieving the distinctive honors for the first time is 10 year old Maameyaa Nyinah aslo for the top Middle Distance athlete in the 9 - 10 year old age group.  Maameyaa achieved very fast times in the 800 meters with a personal best of 2:34 and also ran the 400 meters in a quick 1:07.  Congratulations goes out to both of our athletes.