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Prior to Competition

The children will need to eat breakfast at least 2 hours BEFORE leaving home. Please DO NOT GIVE the kids, foods containing milk, fried foods, and juice with pulp. A reasonable breakfast for the kids would be apple juice, pancakes/waffles with syrup (NO BUTTER or MARGARINE), oatmeal, or dry cereal. The kids will also need snacks and PLENTY of water to have with them. Please send NUTRITIOUS snacks, such as fresh or dried fruit, NutriGrain/cereal bars, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on WHEAT bread. Do not send candy, cookies, chips, chewing gum, sodas, Kool Aid, sandwiches with fried meat and/or mayonnaise.

Pleas also make sure to bring extra clothes in the event of bad weather.

At the Meet

We will insist that the children sit together so that we know where they are at all times. This allows them to warm up together, get to the check-in areas together and on time and remain together during the meet. This will allow us to get the children to check-in at the first call for their events on time. Since most of the kids won’t remember which events they are in, it will be even more important that they are close to the coaches so that they do NOT miss their events. We cannot emphasize that we need to know where the children are AT ALL TIMES. For the young kids, 11-12 and under, we request that they do not go ANYWHERE unaccompanied, including the bathrooms.

We will not tolerate horseplay, fighting, wandering off without permission, bad/profane language, fighting, or any of the other behaviors, which are spelled out in the code of conduct.  we will insist on the children being in the same place while waiting on events/recovering from events at track meets, so that we can make absolutely sure that the kids get to the check-in area on time and therefore are able to participate in their event(s). For those children 11-12 and under, they are NOT allowed to go to the bathrooms without someone accompanying them there. At meets, we do not want the kids to run up-and-down the stairs, which wears out their legs making their performance on the track sub-par.